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Best Travel & Holidays Coupons for UAE Online Shoppers

5 Top Travel & Holidays Booking Sites Of UAE For Online Booking

When it comes to online booking for travel and holidays in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), there are several top travel booking sites that offer a wide range of options for flights, accommodations, and vacation packages. Here are five prominent travel and holidays booking sites in the UAE: is a globally recognized travel booking site that offers a comprehensive range of travel services. Their online platform allows users to book flights, hotels, vacation rentals, and even car rentals. With a vast database of properties and competitive pricing, is a popular choice for travelers looking for flexibility and a wide range of options.


Cleartrip is a UAE-based travel booking site that provides a user-friendly platform for booking flights, hotels, and holiday packages. They offer a range of services, including flight comparisons, hotel bookings, and even airport transfers. Cleartrip provides a seamless booking experience, with secure payment options and reliable customer support.


MakeMyTrip is a prominent online travel company that caters to the UAE market. They offer a comprehensive range of travel services, including flight bookings, hotel reservations, holiday packages, and even visa assistance. MakeMyTrip provides competitive pricing, attractive deals, and a user-friendly platform for convenient online bookings.

Holiday Factory

Holiday Factory is a specialized travel booking site that focuses on offering affordable holiday packages. They provide a range of pre-packaged vacation deals that include flights, accommodations, transfers, and activities. Holiday Factory offers a hassle-free booking experience, ensuring travelers can easily plan and book their dream holidays.


Musafir is a UAE-based online travel agency that offers a variety of travel services, including flights, hotel bookings, and holiday packages. They provide a user-friendly platform with a wide range of options to suit different budgets and preferences. Musafir emphasizes customer satisfaction and offers competitive prices and attractive deals for travellers.

These are just a few of the top travel and holiday booking sites in the UAE. It's advisable to compare prices, read customer reviews, and check the terms and conditions of each booking site before making a reservation. Additionally, consider factors such as the booking site's reliability, customer support, and refund policies to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel booking experience.

How to Get the Best Travel & Holidays Discount Codes in UAE?

If you're looking to get the best travel and holidays discount codes in the UAE, here are some tips to help you find great deals and save money on your bookings:

Subscribe to Travel Newsletters

Sign up for newsletters from travel websites, airlines, and hotels. Many companies send exclusive discount codes and promotional offers to their subscribers. This allows you to stay updated on the latest sales, discounts, and special promotions related to travel and holidays.

Follow Social Media Accounts

Follow the social media accounts of popular travel websites, airlines, and hotels. They often share exclusive discount codes, flash sales, and limited-time offers on their social media platforms. Keep an eye on their posts and stories to catch the latest deals.

Use Coupon Websites and Apps

Explore popular coupon websites and apps in the UAE that aggregate discount codes and vouchers for travel and holidays. Websites like, and often offer a wide range of discount codes and deals for flights, hotels, and vacation packages. Simply search for the travel service you prefer to find available discount codes.

Check Travel Websites

Visit the websites of travel agencies, online travel booking platforms, and hotel aggregators. They often have dedicated sections for ongoing promotions, discount codes, and exclusive offers. Some websites even offer app-specific discounts or promo codes.

Sign Up for Loyalty Programs

Join loyalty programs offered by airlines, hotels, and travel booking platforms. These programs often provide exclusive discounts, rewards, and personalized offers for members. You may receive discount codes based on your loyalty status or travel history.

Take Advantage of Seasonal Sales

Keep an eye out for seasonal sales events like summer promotions, holiday offers, or UAE National Day deals. During these periods, many travel websites and companies offer special discounts, bundle deals, and promotional codes.

Use Travel Credit Cards

Consider using travel credit cards that offer exclusive discounts, rewards, and benefits for bookings. Some credit cards provide access to special promotions and discounts with partner travel companies.

Compare Prices and Packages

Before making any travel bookings, compare prices and packages across different websites and platforms. This ensures you're getting the best deal and discount available for your desired destination and travel dates.

Remember to read the terms and conditions associated with discount codes to understand any limitations or expiry dates. Additionally, be flexible with your travel dates and destinations as this can increase your chances of finding better deals and discounts.